Mountain climber, backpacker, photographer, mountain biker, father of four, artist, coffee connoisseur, musician... oh yeah, did I mention I design web sites?

I am an artist. I knew from an early age that creativity would be my greatest gift. I have been lucky enough to find outlets for my creative energy in every aspect of my life, from visual art and photography to my love of music. I have even found chances for personal expression in unexpected places such as outdoor adventures and even parenthood.

Since I have always been an artist, I realize that the world is constantly changing and evolving. Therefore training and research has also become an important part of what I do. Staying on top of the latest in web design trends and technology is crucial.

A little history...

I knew from an early age that I had more artistic ability than the people around me. After winning several awards in high school for a few of my drawings and paintings, including a "Best of Show" award at age 15, I knew that pursuing a career in the arts would suit me best. After high school I attended the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver.

After a little hiatus involving getting married and having a baby, I was offered a job as a print graphic artist. I continued down this road of print design for the next 10 years designing anything and everything that could be printed. Eventually I got bored with print design and needed a new challenge. I enrolled in the Art Institute Online and received a Web Design Diploma.


I have been actively designing web sites since 2005 and made the jump to a full time freelance web designer in 2007. In mid 2009 I moved to the Bay Area and started working at a small design agency as a web designer/developer.

I've always been a fast learner and always learning new things. My book shelves are lined with titles that only a computer nerd could appreciate! I spend many hours geeking out on web design/development blogs, books, and digging into code to see how things work. I am constantly learning more about back end programming like PHP/MySQL and Actionscript in order to increase my skill set.

My hobbies...

Outside of art and design, I love being outdoors. My main hobby is mountain climbing... specifically anything above timberline, and especially the 14ers of Colorado. Mountain biking, backpacking, camping, snowshoeing and snowboarding are also some of my hobbies that I spend too much money on! Photography has come naturally to me, but it's just a hobby and I'm always snapping shots when I'm out in the backcountry or traveling. Recently, one of my photos of the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco was published.