Sircut Music Video (3:36)

Role: Director of Photography

I worked as one of two DPs on this project which we filmed over the course of two days.

The Champ (6:04)

Role: Director/Co-Writer

This film was a project for a production class.

Jenifer Hayward Revealed (10:29)

Role: Editor/Camera

A class project that we turned into a promotional piece for Jennifer.

Blind Dates (5:21)

Role: Director of Photography/Camera

My first silent film and movie production project in school.

Lizard (2:48)

Role: Sole Creator

A project for a class called Outsider Art. I used a GoPro camera to get this point of view while I sketched the drawing.

Hobo (4:39)

Role: Director/Camera

This was a fun movie that my kids and I made. It was shot in about an hour and the entire script was made up on the spot.