Welcome to the place where you can see all of the mountains that I climb and all of the adventures that I go on. I will be uploading photos soon after I come back from my trips, as long as I make it back!

Seriously, I had a scary experience while climbing Sharkstooth Peak in the La Plata mountains. Those photos will be up soon. I've also escaped serious injury from a 4 cubic foot boulder rolling down the mountain. I've seen bears, mountain lions, deer, elk, coyotes and plenty of marmots, but never any encounters.

I LOVE to climb mountains. I don't enjoy hiking unless I get above tree line (11,000 feet) and I'm able to climb something. I've climbed 2 of the 56 fourteeners in Colorado, the highest point in Arizona and plenty of other mountains.

Snow? We don't get much snow here in New Mexico, but Colorado has plenty of winter adventures. I haven't had the opportunity to climb a mountain in the winter yet, but it is on my list. I do enjoy showshoeing and snowboarding too. But since I cracked a rib and tore my ACL in a snowboarding accident, I don't try to act like I'm a pro snowboarder anymore!